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Since 2015, we have been working with the Box Hill Police station on a project, the Autism ID and lanyard. The Autism ID and lanyard was designed by Chinese Parents Special Support Network to create a safer and understanding environment for young people with Autism spectrum disorder (ASD), as these young people often travel independently by public transport. Although they do not have any obvious different in appearance from non-autistic youth, they do have difficulty in communication. By wearing this lanyard which has been recognised by staff at Metro (one of our project partners) and the police, young people will be able to receive appropriate support when needed.

In 2016, we began promoting our project at specialist development schools and at Day Centres.

In 2017, we held an information session about this project at Box Hill library with guest speakers from the Police and Metro to talk about the project and travel safety for individuals with special needs on 29th May 2017. Invitations for this event was sent to schools, day centres and professionals from the Whitehorse and Manningham region, at least 50 professionals and caregivers of individuals with ASD attended the event.

*A great safety item for our children out and about in the community.

*Especially for those looking toward independent travel.

The puzzle design has been used on the Autism ID and other products have been recognised by the  Police and staff at Metro.

Local Newspaper: Lanyard to help autistic teenagers become more independent




CPSSN Chairperson Emily Ma promotes the Autism ID Card and Lanyard at the SBS Radio Cantonese Programme




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Local Newspaper: Lanyard to help autistic teenagers become more independent

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