CPSSN membership is free to join !
The membership is provided to parents with children with special needs, such as autism, learning difficulties, intellectual disability, or other similar disability.
  • Members will receive regular CPSSN newsletter informing members of upcoming events, workshops, information sessions, etc.
  • A range of books, printed materials and videos in Chinese version are available for borrowing free of charge.
CPSSN respects your privacy. 

This membership application includes the following sections:

Section 1: Your Personal Data

Section 2: Your Child Details (the child with special needs)

Section 3: If you have another child with special needs, then provides this child's details

Final Section: Emergency contact person and other information

Please fill in below the application form:

Section 1 - Your Personal Details:

Your home address:

Section 2 - Your Child Details (the child with special needs):

Emergency Contact Person:

Other information:

Please review the above information and make change if necessary. Once information is confirmed, please press the [SEND FORM] button to complete the membership application.