Special Children’s Christmas Party 2024

Dear Members of CPSSN,

At the request of the organizers of the Special Children’s Event, we have decided to waive the $5 nominal fee. Initially, this fee was implemented due to incidents in 2022 where several members registered for tickets but did not pick them up, resulting in missed opportunities for others.

We encourage all members to appreciate the resources and opportunities offered by CPSSN and our partner organizations in the future.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Best regards,

The basic rules for distributing the invitations are these:

  • 3 – 12 years old children
  • Be eligible for the NDIS
  • Children must be accompanied by parents or caregivers. There will be no child minding facilities available.
  • Please don’t supply invitations to the siblings of the invited child UNLESS their circumstances also place them in the categories listed above. We realise this can cause difficulties, but we have catered for a certain amount of children to attend in regards to food and presents. Also, only the child with the invitation may enter the toy room to receive their presents, and as you can appreciate, it is very difficult to explain to children why some children are receiving presents and why they can’t.

Please note: Each year we have more requests for invitations than we are able to supply. Therefore whilst we do our very best to meet your requirements we cannot guarantee that you will receive all that you ask for.